The University of Sheffield

 Accessing iceberg

All terminal access and file transfer methods described below will work for on or off campus access.  

 Terminal Access via browser

This is the easiest and recommended way of accessing iceberg.  

 Connect to iceberg     
    Connect to iceberg

Alternative Terminal Access Methods

Terminal access to iceberg is also possible by using any terminal emulator software  that uses the ssh protocol. All the methods described below will also work if you are working remotely. I.e you do not need a vpn connection. Here are a selection of terminal access methods from various platforms:

Please note that telnet and similar non-secure methods of access to iceberg will not work.

 Transferring files

  Transferring files to/from iceberg is possible via any software that uses the sftp protocol

 Please note that non-secure file transfer methods such as ftp from Linux and FTPexplorer from Windows will not work due to security restrictions imposed on iceberg.