Events for the 2022 Futures project 

We will be providing events for information exchange, networking, team building, inspiring new ideas, and rewarding achievement. We believe that getting our talented research staff together to talk through ideas, bounce off each other and start new collaborative partnerships is critical to the future success of our University – it is the key objective of this project.

Events calendar

More event dates to follow shortly.

Information about other upcoming events

Events to get things started

We want to bring people together and provide the space to think about what could be achieved and how to tackle the scale and ambition of what is required.

  • The Sheffield Retreat – Retreats will give individuals time to focus on their research aspirations and new paths of exploration. These day-long meetings will include sessions on issues such as creativity, collaborative working, partnership building with key stakeholders and project development.

Academic workshop

Developing and growing projects

We will help project teams to host events that will develop their individual projects.

  • Project specific ‘encounter’ workshops – A fledging project may host an event to enable participation from a wider set of academics from different disciplines, backgrounds and career stages.
  • Global seminar series – Cited and prized academics from around the world will be invited to discuss their research environment and what the agenda should be for future research.
  • Pump priming sand pits – Academics, local government representatives and industry representatives will be invited to work together to develop exploratory activities related to a proposed 2022 project.

Supporting the 2022 Futures community

As the number of 2022 Futures projects grows, we will provide opportunities to share knowledge, experiences and outcomes with other project teams and with colleagues across the institution.

  • The Futures Forum – This informal event will provide the opportunity for those on existing 2022 projects to come together and share experiences of their journey. Each session will have a theme that intends to be mutually supportive to all projects. Possible topics are:
    • How to get funding for ideas and engage with other Futures teams
    • Management, governance and leadership
    • Getting the message out beyond the University of Sheffield boundaries
  • VC dinners – Project teams will be invited to discuss their activities with the Vice Chancellor and get some feedback from senior colleagues.
  • Biennial showcase conference – Presentations, posters and showcasing achievements of teams so far.

Get involved

If you're interested in attending one of the 2022 Futures events or want to discuss an idea with us, please email:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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