Our 2022 Futures projects

We have a number of innovative projects that are led by staff with the vision and appetite to take on this major challenge. The first three flagship projects are Imagine - Imaging Life, The Florey Institute and Plant Protection and Production (P3). Other developing projects include: Engineering for Life, Food Security and the Sheffield Urban Institute.

Please visit the links below to find out more about 2022 Futures flagship projects. Further details on other projects that are supported through 2022 Futures can be found here.

Imagine - Imaging Life

We are using revolutionary microscopy technologies to answer some of the biggest questions in biology and medicine. Our Imagine project is unique in the world. It will give us unparalleled insight into life at the molecular level.

Imagine brings together scientists from many disciplines and partners worldwide to lead the way in developing and applying new imaging approaches.

The Florey Institute

Drug resistance and rapidly evolving superbugs are serious global health issues. That’s why at the University of Sheffield we’re thinking big.

Our Florey Institute is finding radical new ways to address these major challenges. Florey brings together academic researchers and frontline clinicans to find the best solutions quickly. This powerful partnership will transform our treatment of infectious diseases.

Plant Production and Protection (P3)

P3 is a Sheffield Agri-Tech project which takes a holistic approach to providing sustainable solutions to UK and World food security. Our P3 expertise spans scales, from the molecular to ecosytem level.

Coupled with unrivalled facilities for research at the laboratory, controlled environment, glasshouse and field-scale, Project P3 will translate our expertise in all aspects of fundamental plant science to real-world problems.

What do I do if I have an idea that I think fits 'the bill'?

The initial step is to have a group of like minded individuals who have a vision for what they want to research over the next 10-years. This group will then be invited to write a short concept note (typically 2-3 pages) which they will then present to Prof. Richard Jones to gain some initial feedback. The next step all depends on what advice is given regarding the best way forwards.

We're looking forward to hearing from you: 2022@sheffield.ac.uk

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