Preparing for growth

Building partnerships and networks for the future success of each project is very important. We are building links with industry in the agritech sector and initiating international strategic alliances to allow our PhD students to visit other world renowned laboratories in infection and microscopy.

On the 19 February 2015 the Plant Production and Protection (P3) project hosted its first industry-academia forum, bringing together industry experts from across Europe with researchers to discuss challenges facing the agri-tech industry and how basic research can be translated into practical solutions.

A brief introduction was made about the project and its aspirations but the focus of the day was on discussion and an exchange of ideas about what a Sheffield based translational biology centre should look like. Future forums will have the aim of generating collaborative ideas for further investigation.

Both the Florey Institute for Host-Pathogen Interactions and Imagine: Imaging Life projects have set up strategic alliances with those institutions that have complementary facilities to those based here in Sheffield. PhD students will be given the opportunity to spend up to six months in laboratories such as those based in The University of Nebraska Medical School, The University of Technology in Sydney and Utrecht Medical School in the Netherlands. These exciting opportunities to learn from other research groups will be reciprocated as we welcome students from other participating institutions into our own facilities.

As all of the projects address grand challenges faced by society today, a number of public engagement events are planned that are open to all who wish to see what outputs have emerged.