Imagine: Imaging Life

Meeting the challenge of understanding any living system by visualising its component parts and how they interact with each other using state-of-the-art super resolution microscopy.

ImagineTo meet the challenge of truly understanding any living system it is essential to understand all its component parts and how they interact with each other. Central to this deeper understanding is the ability to visualise a system at its most d

etailed level; for biological systems this means the whole organism, tissues, cells and ultimately individual cellular components molecules.  This requires imaging capabilities and ever advancing microscopy capabilities. Imaging research is now critical to any advancement in medicine, biology, chemistry and physics; with technologies that are translating directly into new medical development.

The continued advancement of microscopy techniques is essential to meet the challenge of understanding the detailed cellular structure and dynamic biological processes in all animal cells from bacteria right through to humans.

The Imagine project will address this challenge by proving researchers with the tools to visualise microscopic biological structures at exceptionally fine detail and in three dimensions. The University of Sheffield is an established world-leader in a diverse range of imaging technologies and their applications, particularly in soft matter science, such as polymers, and biological materials, such as bacteria.


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