Outcomes from the Research of the Future 2 event

On the 31 March – 1 April, 40 academic colleagues were joined by some of our partners to explore collaborative research ideas.

Through a series of facilitated exercises teams prepared a brief pitch about their idea with the aim of getting one of the research stimulation awards. Quentin Cooper (Science broadcaster) provided some soap box talks to get groups inspired and thinking big and partners provided a brief insight into what was keeping them awake at night regarding the futures of their sectors.

Watch the short film to find out what happened at the Research of the Future 2 event. Below are the details of the projects that are being supported.

Two projects received a £5,000 networking award from Professor Richard Jones, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation.

  • The Sheffield Centre of RNA Excellence – This project seeks to address some of the World’s greatest challenges by exploiting RNA and setting it to work for the further good of humanity. Applications will see engineered RNA become biosensors, molecular switches, highly adaptable building blocks and RNA aptamers driving a wide range of chemical reactions.
  • Beyond Disorders - This group will address disorders like ADHD and autism through novel technologies to help those affected develop their social skills and ways of interacting with others to improve their own lives and their families.
  • One group was invited to develop an interdisciplinary PhD student network to include a community of 3 PhD students and at least 6 supervisors. The award was given to the group considering novel solutions to collective action problems relating to issues like global poverty, World peace and environmental resource decline.
  • These groups add to those funded though the original workshop held last Summer, including No Way!ste, the Biohybrid Human and Stem Cure.

The new projects are at an early stage and have been encouraged to be inclusive to those who wish to engage. Anyone interested in hearing more about any of these research ideas can contact Mel Knight M.knight@sheffield.ac.uk, ext 21401.