The story so far - 2022 Futures

We are proud to announce the significant investments made into three of our first 2022 Futures projects. Imagine: Imaging Life; The Florey Institute for Host-Pathogen Interactions; and Plant Production and Protection (P3).

LFMWe are committed to developing research areas of strength where the University will be considered to be one of the world’s leading institutions in the forthcoming decades. To be internationally recognised we know we need to recruit talented researchers, expand our facilities, build innovative partnerships and effectively communicate our exceptional research. We have started this initiative by investing in three flagship projects that address the fundamentals of life.

Infrastructure is critical in the delivery of world-class research. More than £5.45M of institutional money is being matched with philanthropic funds and RCUK grants to build and refurb five laboratories and experimental sites.

We are currently in the process of establishing three new super resolution microscopy laboratories associated with the Imaging Life project. These will host some of the most modern pieces of equipment to provide a universally unique capability in light, atomic force and CryoEM imaging equipment.

Our controlled plant growth facilities are already some of the best in the UK but we are expanding them further to allow investigations into plant pathogens. A new phenotyping platform will make the P3 facilities attractive for both basic and translational agri-tech research in the future. Construction work is currently underway and some laboratories are already in action.

Intellectual capital within research teams is essential.  To support our existing research leaders we are imminently funding sixteen new academic positions ranging from Chair posts to early career lecturers (£8.8M). These are being supplemented with fellowships and PhD scholarships to nurture talent of the future. Opportunities to join groups will also be available in the long term as teams grow and expand.

Consolidating and developing partnerships with other institutions and end users is fundamental to enable our research to have an impact on society. The University has utilised a number of funds to help the 2022 Futures teams build partnerships. Over the last 24 months more than £20K has been used for the purposes of knowledge exchange.

The University is supporting those who propose excellent research ideas and there is still opportunity to be the next 2022 Futures project.