Talk to us about sustainability

At Sheffield, we recognise that sustainable development cannot be adequately addressed by a single individual or team working in isolation. These complex problems span many areas of our operations and require a holistic approach to overcome.

Our sustainability strategy and delivery teams are made up of senior figures from across the University who are empowered to organise, resource and deliver cross-cutting sustainability projects.

We have designated sustainability leads for professional services, academic departments and students; a three-pillared structure designed to recognise the importance of all parts of our University community in addressing sustainability challenges.

This structure is overseen and represented on the University’s Executive Board by our Chief Operating Officer.

Andrew Dodman

University Executive Board Sustainability Sponsor

Chief Operating Officer
Chair of the Sustainability Steering Group

Andy Dodman

Tracy Wray

Sustainability Lead for Professional Services

Tracy Wray

Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communications
Co-Chair of the Sustainability Delivery Group
Tel: 0114 2221600

Professor Duncan Cameron

Sustainability Lead for Academic Departments

Duncan Cameron

Director of P3
Co-Chair of the Sustainability Delivery Group
Tel: 0114 2220066

Mel Kee

Sustainability Lead for Students

Mel Kee

Students' Union Development Officer

For day-to-day sustainability enquiries, please contact:

James Merryclough

Sustainability & Communications Manager
Tel: 0114 222 0565

Sustainability Delivery Group

Keith Lilley

Director of Estates and Facilities Management
Tel: 0114 222 9200

Dr Sarah Want

Director of Partnerships and Regional Engagement
Tel: 0114 2221445

Professor Vanessa Toulmin

Director of City and Culture
Tel: 0114 2220562

Professor Brendan Stone

Deputy Vice-President for Education
Tel: 0114 222 8495

Gavin Brown

Head of Commercial Services
Tel: 0114 222 8990

Phil Riley

Energy Manager
Tel: 0114 222 9213

Charlotte Winnert

Environment Officer
Tel: 0114 222 9083

Tim Allen

Students' Union Sustainability Coordinator
Tel: 0114 222 8567

William Mai

President of the Students’ Union’s Sustainability Committee

Theresa Nelson

Grantham Centre Scholar
Lead Scholar for the Sustainability Strategy Audit

Deborah Beck

Grantham Centre Scholarship Programme Manager
Tel: 0114 222 0070