Green Impact at Sheffield


"Working to affect behaviour change and introduce innovative ways of working sustainably, our Green Impact teams are vital to embedding sustainable practice throughout the University."

Professor Duncan Cameron, academic lead for sustainability at sheffield

Our Green Impact teams are embedded across the University. They are empowered to design and implement projects in their departments that deliver positive sustainable change.

We've been taking part in Green Impact since 2009, helping our staff to create meaningful, sustainable changes in their workplace by designing and delivering sustainability projects. 

At the end of the academic year, these achievements are recognised at the Green Impact Sustainability Showcase, where staff and students come together to celebrate the positive change they have created.

Green Impact Awards Ceremony 2018

Watch the video of the event:

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Join a team

Join a Green Impact team

Almost 200 members of University staff are part of our network of Green Impact teams.

Our teams are active in almost 40 academic and professional services departments, and even in individual buildings. They help to make their workplaces more sustainable by introducing new initiatives and changing behaviour.

To get involved with your department's Green Impact team, contact Elspeth Mackellar, Sustainability Projects Assistant. 

Accommodation & Commercial Services Medical School & Sam Fox House
ACS - Residence Life Modern languages Teaching Centre
Academic Programmes and Student Engagement Multidisciplinary Engineering Education
Animal and Plant Sciences Regional Engagement and Partnerships
Biomedical Science School of East Asia Studies
Cancer Clinical Trials Centre Sheffield University Management School
CICS Green Impact Student Access to Mental Health Support & University Counselling Service
Corporate Communications School of Law
Department of Economics SITRAN
Engie SmartMove Sheffield
Faculty of Engineering Central Services Student Services Information Desk
Geography Student Administration Service
Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures Student Recruitment and Admissions & Global Engagement
Human Resources Student Services English Language Teaching Centre
Infection Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease University Health Service
Information School University Library
Jessop West Green Impact Team USP Green Impact
Kroto Research Building – Materials Science and Engineering Western Bank Library

Start a team

Start a new Green Impact team

We're always keen to support departments who want to set up a new Green Impact team.

If your department doesn't yet have a team, we're here to help you get started. We can talk you through what's required and help with advice on getting your colleagues interested. 

We suggest that you try to get at least one or two other staff members on board with the aim of spreading the programme throughout your department. However, Green Impact is still possible to complete as an individual. 

Anyone from your department can be part of your team. We have teams made up of academic staff, support staff, administrative staff, technical staff, PhD students, postgraduate students, undergraduate students, and a mixture of all of the above! The only prerequisite is that you need at least one member of staff/PhD student to be a team lead.

Being part of a Green Impact team can also be recognised in your SRDS and through The Deal.

Information for managers

We know that staff are sometimes too busy to get involved in additional activities.

Green Impact is a great way to bring your teams together. Staff meet and work with colleagues they might not otherwise have chance to interact with. The projects they get involved in are often good for staff wellbeing, morale and for the overall office environment. Sometimes they even save time and resources in the long-term.

Staff involved in Green Impact are expected to dedicate half an hour a week to sustainable projects. This can be simple things like ensuring recycling posters and materials are displayed appropriately and switching unused electrical items off, to running events for other staff, students or the general public.

For advice on starting a new Green Impact team, contact Elspeth Mackellar, Sustainability Projects Assistant.

Resources for members

Green Impact resources

Everything you need to keep Green Impact running smoothly in your department.

NUS Toolkit

Use the NUS Toolkit to fill out your Green Impact actions and log progress for your department. Also contains project and engagement ideas for your team.

Go to the NUS Toolkit


Guide to the new projects system

Including what projects are, how they are scored, how they are audited, Q&As and the submission timeline for 2018/19.

Download guide (PDF, 132KB)

Cheat sheet – how to get top marks

How to maximise your project's points and get top marks for your department.

Download guide (PDF, 323KB)

Project plan template

A template to help you plan and measure your projects.

Download project template (Word, 59KB)

Case study template

Help us tell people about your projects! Use this case study template and send us photos so we can promote your great work.

Download case study template (Word, 52KB)