An update on divestment from Professor Koen Lamberts, President and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sheffield.

Divestment update

I know that there has been confusion and uncertainty around the our position on ethical investments. Let me be clear straight away and tell you that the University of Sheffield has already been divesting from fossil fuel companies and is committed to completing this.

We now only hold one investment in a company related to fossil fuels, Royal Dutch Shell. This company has stated a commitment to developing cleaner energy sources, but we are still continuing work to remove this investment from our portfolio. The work to do this is underway, and our Students’ Union officers are working closely with our Finance Committee to move it forward. I will be keeping students updated about the progress of this work.

It is also important for me to say that, since I joined the University of Sheffield in November, I have seen a lot of positive work around ethical investments and sustainability more generally. We now have an endowment investment policy that has responded to a number of student concerns around areas such as human rights, animal testing, arms, tobacco and environmental damage. The University is also developing an ambitious strategy around sustainability, which is due to be launched in the Autumn. Our new Sustainability Strategy will cover areas such as climate action, quality education, clean and affordable energy and responsible consumption and production. This strategy will be the result of long standing contributions from our active student and staff groups, who are also key to making it work.

The University of Sheffield is full of passionate people, both students and staff, who are dedicated to making evidence based change - on and off campus. I am pleased that we have such an active student and alumni group that, and I look forward to working for and with them as we take this work forward.

Professor Koen Lamberts
President and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sheffield