A truly civic university

Penny donationUnified by the power of discovery and understanding, staff and students at the University are committed to finding new ways to transform the world we live in.

Our vision reflects the global impact of the University and the fact that today's students and staff come from more than 140 countries. What unites this international community is a passionate desire to put knowledge to work for the good of others.

It is inspired by the University’s heritage as a civic university founded by penny donations a century ago by Sheffield factory workers to establish a university which would benefit their economy, health and children.

This practical approach inspires collaboration across subject areas and with individuals, businesses and organisations beyond the University to solve the more pressing problems we face, both close to home and around the world.

Students also have a powerful role to play. From mentoring through to activities reflecting students' own experience and skills, in a single year over 1,300 students and staff from 55 departments supported over 200 local charities and community groups and raised £178,000 for good causes in the community.

Our Storying Sheffield project has seen students from our School of English visit care homes across Sheffield where they helped stimulate memories and conversation among elderly people with dementia. Images, objects, crafts and books were used in one-to-one sessions to help give voice to residents' life stories.

Find out what we stand for and where we want to be in our strategic plan.

Outreach event in the Sheffield Winter Garden - large

Student Sonal Choudhary conducting research in Norway