Information and advice on various communication styles and ways of working at the University, from group projects to presentations.

Group work and collaboration

Working with others is something you will be asked to do time and time again. As a student, now is the ideal time to develop this skill.

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Online group work

As with face-to-face group work, in online group work, you need to consider how you will adapt to each challenge to get the most out of both the group and yourself.

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Online communication

Communicating online is an essential skill for everyday life, work and study. This resource will help you to navigate the main forms of communication used at university.

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Presentation skills

Tips and suggestions on preparing for a presentation and getting it right on the day.

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Poster presentations

Posters are a great way to present data and information in a clear and accessible way, allowing audiences to get a quick overview of a complex research project.

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