About Access Sheffield

An overview of our Access Sheffield policy and the support you may be entitled to.



We recognise that ability isn't always demonstrated through a standard set of qualifications.

If you meet the Access Sheffield criteria, you may be eligible for a reduction to the entry requirements for your course.

Even if you aren’t eligible for an alternative offer automatically, depending on your circumstances we may be able to give your application additional consideration when we receive it and again when exam results are released.

Some of our policies are activated automatically when we receive your application. For others, we'll need you to supply more information about your circumstances to help us confirm your eligibility and apply the relevant policy to your application. We’ll get in touch if we need more information from you.

A lot of people might not think they’re eligible for support.  We have a broad pathway to ensure that students who have the ability to succeed are able to access education at Sheffield.

If you're taking A-Levels

If you meet the Access Sheffield criteria, you may be eligible for an alternative offer equivalent to one or two grades below the standard A Level entry requirements for your course. 

  • e.g. if the formal entry requirements for your course are ABB and you meet the criteria, you’ll receive an alternative offer of BBB. 

If you're taking other qualifications 

If you’re taking other qualifications aside from A-levels, we'll apply an equivalent reduction to your entry requirements.  

In a small number of cases, we may not be able to give you an alternative offer because of the combination of the qualifications you’re taking and the entry requirements for your course, but we'll still be able to give your application additional consideration.

Further support through Access+

As an Access+ student, you’ll have access to support such as:

  • financial support
  • a dedicated team on hand to answer your questions
  • help with study skills

You may be eligible for additional support through Access+ if:

  • You live in an area with a low rate of participation in higher education
  • You’re a care leaver
  • You’re care experienced
  • You’re estranged from family
  • You’re a carer
  • You’re a forced migrant
  • You have parenting responsibilities 
  • You’re entitled to free school meals

Eligibility requirements

For a full overview of the eligibility requirements and how to access the alternative offer, visit:

Check if you’re eligible 

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