Broad Lane Court

Broad Lane Court is in the centre of Sheffield, a few minutes walk away from its main shopping streets as well as the University campus.

Frozen rents at Broad Lane Court

At a glance

  • £110.74 per week
  • Shared bathrooms
  • Self-catered
  • Launderette on site 
  • Free fitness suite at The Ridge
  • Available to both undergraduates and postgraduates 

How many flats and residents?

Broad Lane Court provides self-catered accommodation for 214 residents within 37 flats.

The individual apartments accommodate 4 - 7 residents in single study bedrooms.

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Broad Lane Court is located in the city centre and is close to the University campus and Students' Union. Not far from popular Kelham Island, it has nightlife, shops and restaurants all within easy reach by bus, tram or on foot.

Inside Broad Lane 

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