Deposits and inventories


Your inventory

What is an inventory?

An inventory is a quick online questionnaire that allows you to record the condition of your accommodation and furniture when you move in. You’ll be able to confirm details on all aspects of your property, such as whether your toaster is working, not working or missing. It will only take 5-10 minutes and our Maintenance Team will respond to any issues the maintenance team deem necessary to repair.

All students will be emailed the inventory to complete after moving in.

Why complete an inventory?

Let’s be honest, no one wants to get charged for something that they didn’t do. We check everything before you arrive to make sure it meets our high standards and that nothing is broken, damaged or missing but sometimes things can be missed.

Completing an inventory is your opportunity to make us aware of any issues with your accommodation and make sure you’re not charged for them.

Your inventory must be completed within seven days of your contract start date (Ranmoor/Endcliffe, City & Allen Court) or within 48 hours (St Vincent's Place), otherwise, it will be assumed that you are responsible for any damages, and you may be charged out of your deposit to put them right.

For shared areas

You’ll need to get together with the rest of your flatmates to go through the inventory together, with only one person submitting it.

Deposits explained

What’s the deal with deposits?

When you accepted your contract, you paid a deposit of £150. This is held in case you are responsible for any damage or cleaning issues in your accommodation. We want to maintain a high standard for you and future students so if there is a problem, those responsible will be charged out of their deposits to put things right.

How do you identify charges?

When we are made aware of an issue in your accommodation, by you or housekeeping, we identify whether it has been caused by general wear and tear or by wilful or accidental damage.

If it is caused by wear and tear, you won’t be charged. If we think it’s as a result of damage, whether accidental or on purpose, evidence such as a photograph will be taken and we’ll notify you by email with details of the damage and cost. The email we send will be to make enquiries in relation to the charge and no charge is applied at this stage.

When you move out, your room and shared areas will be inspected and compared to the information stated in your inventory. If there are any differences you will be charged.

Example: Chair material bobbling or wearing is classed as wear and tear, whereas stains on the carpet and chairs are classed as damage. Accidents do happen, but please treat your residence like a second home. Please report any issues to maintenance.

Who's charged for what?

The individual resident will be charged

The cost will be split between all residents of the flat unless those responsible are identified

The cost will be split between all residents in the block unless those responsible are identified

How will I be charged?

If any potential charges are identified during the course of the year, we will email you with details of the damage and cost and how to access further information through the inventory and charges system.

You will then have the opportunity (normally 7 days) to raise any queries with us or discuss this further before the charge is deemed final.

Individual damage

If the charge is to be made, we will send you a link to make payment to us via the University’s payment portal. You can pay online using a debit/credit card or in person at the Income Office. Your account on the inventory and charges system will then be updated to show that you have paid.

Shared area damage

Once you’ve moved out, we will email you within 28 working days of your contract end date to advise you of any additional charges made and view what deposit refund is to be made to your account. You will then have the opportunity to discuss any charges with us. The cost will be taken from your deposit.

Charges amounting to less than £150

Amount deducted from your deposit and the remaining funds returned to you.

Charges amounting to more than £150

You will be sent a link to make payment via the University’s payment portal.

Following deposit returns, you will have a number of weeks to raise a query with us before the charge is closed or a payment link is sent. If payment is not made within the advised timescale we may raise an invoice to you for the balance owed. If we discover an error on our part has been made, we will refund you.

How will my deposit be returned to me?

Any remaining balance of your deposit will be refunded into your bank account. To ensure you receive your refund as quickly as possible, you will need to confirm your UK bank account details. There will be a secure facility available via your online University account, MUSE, towards the end of your tenancy, where you’ll be able to provide us with your correct details.


What happens at the inspection?

Your room and shared areas are checked to make sure they are clean and tidy. It is also a chance for us to identify any damage to property, fixtures or fittings.

What is the end-of-the-year inspection?

An end-of-year contract inspection takes place once you have vacated your accommodation. It is a chance for us to thoroughly examine the property.

The end-of-year inspection links to your inventory:

Submitted Inventory: If you completed your inventory, we will compare the condition of your accommodation to your original description. If problems are found which weren’t reported in your inventory you may be charged out of your deposit to put them right.

No Inventory: If any issues are highlighted at the end of contract inspection, it will be assumed that you are responsible and you’ll be charged
out of your deposit to put them right.


Keep in touch, and don’t wait until you move out. We’re here to help and want to hear from you all year round.

Common Damage Charges

If something gets broken, it needs to be fixed or replaced. The amount that items cost may be more than you think, and the University only charges the cost that is passed to us. Costs include labour, materials, delivery and VAT - which all add up!

Below is an example of charges you could receive at the end of the year for damages to your accommodation. All prices are approximate and are subject to change. 

Items Tips Cost
Removal of rubbish - end of tenancy  You are responsible for removing all rubbish from your accommodation to the external bin stores. Including food and other items that can't be donated. You will be charged per bin bag removed from your residence.  £7 per bag
Wall repaint Don’t stick posters to the walls - please use the noticeboard provided in your bedroom and kitchens. £72.13
Fire door Don’t kick or throw objects at doors, as piercing the protective covering may require the door to be replaced for fire safety.  £1,454.04
Ceiling tile Do not smash the ceiling tiles - you will be charged per broken tile.  £19.27
Computer chair Report any damages or faults with your chair.  £132.56
Dining chair Report loose or cracked seats. £80.14
Carpet cleaning Clean up spills straight away and if you can’t, contact us to avoid the stain becoming permanent and being charged for a replacement. £27.41
Sofa cushion cover Don’t put sharp objects on the sofa as they can tear the fabric. Avoid staining by cleaning any spillages immediately. £63.04
Fire extinguisher Only use in the event of a fire. £73.88
Kitchen worktop Don't open bottles on your worktops or place hot pans directly onto the surface. £618.36 - £1827.92
Hob  Clean your hob after each use, and don’t allow food to stick to the surface.  £329.17
Mattress (single)   £137.62
Intercom Do not misuse by repeatedly pressing the buttons on your device. Please note these intercoms are not for controlling/opening front doors.  £68.89

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