Cycle Storage

Students laughing on bikes

There are dedicated cycle stores throughout the residences. Just ask Customer Services for the location of the store nearest to you.

Bikes are stored at the owners' risk and we advise that extra insurance is taken out if required, as this is not covered in our standard contents insurance policy.

Cycles must not be taken into buildings or stored in shared areas (e.g. corridors, landings) as they obstruct fire escape routes. If found in these areas, cycles will be removed and you’ll need to pay a £35 retrieval charge.

At the end of your accommodation contract, please remember to take your cycle with you when you vacate – or it will be donated to charity.

Depending on where you live, there are different ways to access the cycle stores. If you live in an apartment (e.g. Froggatt, Kinder) - get your key fob activated at Customer Services. In all other properties (e.g. Broad Lane Court) - pick up a cycle store key or get your swipe card activated at Customer Services.

Find cycle parking locations across the residences and on main campus:

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