Accommodation Fact Sheet for Erasmus & Study Abroad Students 2019-2020

Please read this fact sheet in conjunction with the University Accommodation web pages:

Please ensure that you have looked at the above website before applying for university accommodation.

Accommodation Guarantee

If you are coming to Sheffield on a Study Abroad programme or a full time Erasmus programme, you are guaranteed single University owned or partnership accommodation.

If you are a Study Abroad student starting your course in February 2020 and coming to study for a full year until February 2021 you are only guaranteed accommodation during the first part of your course February to July 2020. For the second part of your stay September 2020 to February 2021 you will need to contact The Accommodation Office at the end of August to check the availability of accommodation.

Deadlines for applying

If you are coming for a Full Year (September – July) application for accommodation must be received by the 31 July 2020.

If you are coming to study for semester one - Autumn Semester (September – February) application for accommodation must be received by the 31 July 2020.

If you are coming to study for semester two - Spring Semester (February – July) application for accommodation must be received by the 1 December 2020

Accommodation Application

You must apply for accommodation before the dates above and students coming for the autumn or Spring Semester will be able to apply on line for en-suite room in self-catering accommodation in The City or at Ranmoor/Endcliffe depending on availability.

What should I do now?

You can complete the online form if you have received your applicant number and MUSE account, which will be provided by email once your Study Abroad/Erasmus application is approved and you have accepted your offer with Global Opportunities & Exchanges.

To apply for accommodation please click on the accommodation advert in MUSE, you can access MUSE at any time simply by clicking ‘Log in to MUSE’ in the black bar along the top of any webpage. If you cannot apply online, please contact

Please note students coming for Spring Semester will not be able to apply for accommodation until the beginning of November 2020.

When will I find out which accommodation I have been allocated?

  • You will be able to self-select a room when applying on line from March 2020 to 31 May 2020 (subject to change). After the 31 May, you will need to choose a preference of room type and location and rooms will be allocated according to preference. You will be asked to accept your Residence Contract, pay a £150 deposit and either pay the rent in full or set up a payment method for the remainder of the rent. You must do all of these things by the deadline given in your Residence Contract, otherwise, the offer of accommodation will be withdrawn.

Length of Residence contracts

All accommodation is offered on a 20, 22 or 42 week contract (see below).

We also offer short term stays in Jonas Hotel you can choose how long you want to stay from one week to 6 months. For further information, please refer to

Please be aware that, for logistical reasons, short term students (i.e. those coming for less than an academic year) are likely to be placed in the same residences. This may mean that they are housed along with other International/European short-term students.

Self-catered and catered contract lengths are as follows:-

Length of Stay

Semester Dates

Length of contract

Vacation(s) Included

Full year (September – July)

21/22 September 2020 to 6/7 July 2020

42 weeks

Christmas & Easter*

Autumn Semester (September – February)

21/22   September   2020     to                             8

February 2021

20 weeks


Spring Semester (February – July)

8 February 2021 to 11/12 July 2021

22 weeks


N.B. *This does not mean that you cannot take a holiday during these vacations or at other times, but please be aware you will not be able to claim rent back if you do leave Sheffield during your contractual periods.

What about food and drink?

Catered accommodation

In catered accommodation, you’ll get a payment card called a GeniUS card included in your rent which is credited with a weekly allowance for you to spend on food and drink at any of the hustle & bUStle venues at the University.

Self-catering accommodation

In self-catering accommodation, there is no food and drink allowance. You can buy food at The Village Store located in Endcliffe or local shops in the City and cook your own meals in your accommodation. You can also purchase a GeniUS card that you can use in any hustle & bUStle venues at the University.

Find out more at

What about bedding, linen and crockery?

You will need to supply your own pillows, duvet and bed linen. If you are living in self-catering accommodation, you will also need to provide your own crockery etc. Bed linen and duvets will be on sale on the online shop or you can purchase these at The Village Store or local shops in the City.

Can I move into my accommodation early?

We do not have any availability for you to arrive early but you can book onto the Orientation Programme and accommodation is included in the programme

What is the latest I can move into my accommodation?

You must have arrived in Sheffield to collect the keys by the 19/20 September 2020 or on the 8 February 2021. Failure to arrive by the date mentioned will result in your accommodation being offered to another student unless you have arranged to arrive late with the Accommodation Office,

Where can I get further information about Accommodation?

You can visit the Accommodation website, or contact the accommodation office via email

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