Advertising Policy


This paper states the University department Accommodation & Commercial Services' (ACS) policy on advertising, sponsorship and promotions and any restrictions that affect these areas. All advertisers are expected to abide by this policy at all times, except in exceptional circumstances with the expressed authorisation of the ACS Marketing & Communications team.

General Conditions

I. All advertising on ACS premises is subject to written approval from the ACS Marketing and Communications team. ACS reserves the right to refuse advertising to any advertisers who fall outside of the exclusions listed in this policy.

II. Any unauthorised advertising on ACS premises will be removed and individuals or companies found to be distributing advertising materials without authorisation will be escorted from the premises.

III. Sales of advertisers’ products in ACS premises are not prohibited unless directly authorised by the ACS Marketing & Communications team. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and separate costs will apply.

ACS Advertising Charges and Discounts

I. All advertising in ACS premises is chargeable as per the Media Pack, which is available to download here:


I. Advertising, sponsorship and promotions that constitute a conflict of interest are not prohibited. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Food & Drink

• Hotels

• Restaurants

• Delivered hospitality

• Conference & event providers

II. Products or services that contravene any Sheffield Students’ Union Policies or that could be damaging to the reputation of ACS are not permitted. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Alcohol

Promotion of alcohol must not encourage irresponsible drinking. ACS reserves the right to withdraw advertising privileges without compensation if it feels the advertising contravenes this policy.

Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act 2002

All promotion of tobacco products is prohibited.


Bars and Pubs All nightclubs, bars and pubs are prohibited from advertising in ACS premises; except for those covered by separate ACS Contractual Agreements (see separate section).

Landlords and Property Agents

All landlords and property agents are prohibited from advertising within ACS premises. Landlord and property agent advertising is only allowed via the University Private Housing Registration scheme overseen by the Private Sector team in ACS. For further details of the Registration Scheme, go to

• Casinos

Any advertising dealings with companies that exist to promote gambling are prohibited. Lap dancing clubs and institutions that exist for a similar purpose are also banned.


For further information on the ACS Advertising Policy, interested parties should contact the ACS Marketing and Communications team by emailing or calling 0114 222 8947

Any queries which are directed to any other teams or departments within The University of Sheffield should be forwarded to the email address stated above.

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