Application FAQ's


How do I apply?

If you have created your MUSE account, click here to access the accommodation portal. After the University has issued your offer, please be patient as we will respond as soon as we can. 

An email will be sent from containing your username and inviting you to activate your account. 

You can find more about this here - please be aware that it can take up to 48 hours before you will be able to access the accommodation portal after activating your MUSE account. 

Please do also bear in mind that if you are waiting to be released from another university back onto the UCAS system - this could incur further delays, which are out of our control.

What is self-selection?

Self-selection is the process where you can choose your own building, flat and room if you apply by the deadline in 2021 (usually around the end of April). The self-selection process allows you to leave a personal bio about yourself, which other students can then see when they click in that particular flat. Self-selection is particularly helpful when deciding which flat you would like to live with other like-minded individuals. After this, we will ask you to let us know which accommodation you would prefer (this is what we call preferences), and we’ll look to allocate you to a room as close to your preferences as we can - subject to availability.

What is a student profile?

If you book via self-selection, you usually can view select information about others who have booked the same property to give you a better idea about your future flatmates.

If you decide to share your information with us, you will be asked if you want to set up a personal profile. The profile includes your screen name, your age, gender, and a brief profile about you. Usually, this will consist of peoples interests. Some examples are: whether they are clean and tidy,/If they stay up late,/If they are social. It’s entirely up to you what you share in this section. 

This part of the process is optional, and if you decide not to share your profile, the other applicants will see 'Occupied' against the room you choose.

How do preferences work?

Once self-selection closes, we’ll ask for your preferences. Your preferences tell us information about which location/room type you prefer. You only have to provide us with four different options.

We’ll then look to place you in a room based on the information you have provided; we’ll always try to match you with your highest preferences in terms of room type, subject to availability.

If you apply via Preferences, we won’t look to place you into a room until the release of your results as there are a large number of changes within the system, which helps us provide you with the best possible option for you.

When can we apply for accommodation?

Applications will open in Spring 2021 if you chose The University of Sheffield as your firm choice. You will receive an email from the Admissions team, once you have accepted your place of study, and then you will be invited via email to book your accommodation online.

Am I guaranteed accommodation?

Yes – we guarantee University-owned and managed accommodation to all students providing that students apply by a set date, usually around 31 August. (This is TBC for 2021 whilst we await information about examinations results).  You are also guaranteed to live with only other University of Sheffield students.

Special requirements/medical conditions

If you highlight on your application that you have a medical condition or special requirement, this will be looked at by a member of the accommodation team. We have several adapted rooms, and we are always happy to take into account any medical needs or special requirements.

Can I live here after the first year?

Yes, you can apply to stay in University Accommodation throughout your studies. Applications usually open in November, so you are welcome to come back to us for the following academic year.


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