You can report any problems in your accommodation to the Maintenance Helpdesk by phone or email. Don’t wait until an inspection or until you move out, we’re here to help and want to hear from you all year round.


Maintenance request

The best way to get maintenance issues resolved is by filling in our Maintenance Request Form.

Try to include as much information as possible so we can ensure that repairs can be responded to quickly and accurately. For example, to mend a “broken window” the University may send round a glazier, but if, in fact, the window just won’t open, it might be more appropriate to send a joiner. This information will also enable the maintenance team to contact you should there be any issues.

Maintenance response time policy

Alternative contact options

  • Phone: Report your maintenance problem by calling +44 114 222 4488.

Please note that Allen Court students must report maintenance issues to Allen Court. If you contact us or fill in the Maintenance Request Form we will be unable to deal with your enquiry.

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