What to do in self-isolation

This applies to anyone who is required to self-isolate for a period of 14 days on arrival in the UK from a European or International Country, or those who are displaying symptoms of Coronavirus. We understand that this may be a worrying time and we want to support you during this period. 


Practical Guidance For Those Self Isolating

  • Use a separate bathroom from others if possible, ideally your en-suite bathroom if available

  • In the case of a shared bathroom, draw up a rota for washing or bathing, with the self-isolating person using the bathroom last.  Thoroughly clean the bathroom when you have finished and ensure you use separate towels from others.

  • If you share a kitchen with others, if possible avoid using it when other people are present.

  • Take your meals back to your room to eat and clean and dry your used crockery and cutlery.  Wash them by hand using detergent and warm water and dry them thoroughly, using a separate towel.

  • Do not share household items with other housemates. 

  • You should remain more than 2 metres away from other people or only be closer than 2 metres for periods of no longer than 15 minutes

  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds

  • Do not have visitors or leave your accommodation (ask deliveries to be left outside the door)

  • We advice that you wear face coverings when you are not in your student bedroom

How we are supporting students who are self-isolating

To make sure we are supporting students in the best way possible, we will contact all students who are self-isolating to check on their welfare and offer practical and emotional support. We will also make sure that all students know how to access our mental health and wellbeing services while isolating. For students staying in University accommodation, we will also: 

  • Complete regular wellbeing checks on students who are symptomatic or have tested positive to find out how they are feeling and offer support and information
  • Offer support in accessing shopping, medication and food deliveries - including access to a guaranteed delivery of an ‘essentials’ food, toiletries and a laundry product package while self-isolating
  • Provide students with details of local collect and deliver laundry services 
  • Make sure that all students know what to do if they or their flatmates become symptomatic, or very unwell 
  • Offer a range of online residence life activities to support engagement and community building
  • Daily peer to peer support drop-in sessions (online or in-person if not self-isolating) for students who may need assistance or signposting to support services, every day during term time

We are in regular contact with Sheffield City Council, Public Health England and other partners to make sure that we are sharing information about the local situation and responding to the latest guidance. Students and parents can contact covidstudentsupport@sheffield.ac.uk

Outdoor space in Ranmoor/Endcliffe:

As a special arrangement, and in agreement with Sheffield CIty Council, Ranmoor/Endcliffe residents who are self isolating can request a short timeslot in order to access outdoor space. Please only do this with prior agreement and ensure you follow all safety instructions you are issued.


Fire Alarm Activation

Should the fire alarm in your accommodation sound while you are self-isolating, you are required to vacate the property immediately as per the fire evacuation information in your accommodation and assemble at the Fire Assembly Point. When at the Fire Assembly Point, please stand away from the other people that are assembled.

Washing of Clothes

We would advise that you do not use the launderettes on site while in self isolation and carry out washing of small items within your room.  

Rubbish Removal 

All waste, including used tissues, and masks if used, should be put in a plastic rubbish bag and tied when full. The plastic bag should then be placed in a second bin bag and tied. The plastic waste bag should then be disposed of outside in the external bins but while carefully following social distancing measures and wearing a face covering. Do not dispose of your rubbish in the kitchen bins until the end of the self-isolating period. 

Interaction With Staff Members

Please do not visit any events and activities or visit Customer Services Reception in person.  Please use any of the contact methods advised below instead of interacting with staff in person. If staff visit your accommodation for any reason please notify them immediately that you are self-isolating before opening the door and keep a distance of at least 2 metres at all times should they have to enter your accommodation. 


Please continue to report maintenance, however, depending on the maintenance request, please note that it may not be feasible or practical for the maintenance to take place and therefore jobs will be prioritised and will only be rectified if there is a risk to Health and Safety.

Food, Drink and Essential Items 

You will need to make your own arrangements for delivery of these items whilst in self-isolation.  The delivery instructions need to state that the items are to be left outside your flat / building or as appropriate for your accommodation. 

If you need to get your food or supplies delivered as quick as possible, we’ve got a few options around the city that you can pay for online using a debit/credit card and sometimes even PayPal:

Post and Delivery of Packages

If there is a need for packages to be delivered, please have consideration for the delivery service personnel and take advice from the delivery company. You should not interact with them in person and only essential parcels should be ordered for delivery during this period. 

Allen Court: If you are ordering essential items please ensure accurate details are given for a contact free delivery (socially distanced & wearing a face covering) to the external courtyard gates. You must not collect items from the reception desk or arrange for these to be delivered to staff members in your accommodation. If you need Allen Court staff to assist with essential medication please contact 0114 275 5036 or via email at allencourt@iq.com to enquire.

Concerns Raised by Students in the Flat

We advise that you proactively inform other residents that you are self-isolating. In order to minimise the risk to others, we will need to inform other residents if you are self-isolating as a result of showing symptoms of Covid 19. We advise that as long as the advice above is followed you can self-isolate while living in your current accommodation.

Looking after your Health

We strongly encourage all our students to register with the University of Sheffield Health Service. More information is available here: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/health-service. The ShefUniHealth App will assist you in making the best choices for seeking help when you are unwell, and accessing services (including pharmacies). More information about the app is available here: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/health-service/about/shefunihealthapp.

NHS Volunteer Responders (https://nhsvolunteerresponders.org.uk/) has been set up to assist people who are self-isolating for any reason with a variety of resources available.

Looking After your Mental Health

If you are feeling anxious, depressed or are having trouble sleeping, the University has a range of self-help resources available.  Information sheets and links to other self-help resources are available at: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/ssid/counselling/self


If you need someone to talk to or require information to help find other relevant support services outside of the times that the main services are open, you could contact the Samaritans who offer emotional support 24 hours a day. You can call them on 116 123, or email them on jo@samaritans.org.

Residence Life 

You might have heard about the calls our Residence Life team have been making to students who are self-isolating or you may have spoken to them yourself. We started the calls to check-in with students experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 and those who have tested positive. Our friendly team call regularly to see if you’re ok and to help with any further support you might need during isolation. We are there to assist you or just have a chat.

We’ve had a great response and we are so happy that you’ve appreciated the calls and found them helpful. We received some really great feedback on our survey and Facebook polls, so thank you to everyone who took part. In response, we are delighted to extend the service to all students, whether you are self-isolating or not. Don't forget if you are self isolating but feel well (students who have come into contact with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive) you will not automatically get these regular calls. But if you, or any other resident, would like them just sign up here!     


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