Laundry - Self-isolation


We understand that self-isolation is difficult and Accommodation Services want to help you in any way that we can during this period of time. 

Whilst washing clothes is never the most fun job in the world, if you do need to wash your clothes during your two week’s self-isolation - we have a few options for you.

We are offering 1 free box of hand wash laundry detergent to flats who are self-isolating, these can be requested by emailing
 with your flat details, and will be delivered to you. This is a great option if you need to wash smaller items in your sink until you’re able to use our launderettes again. are working with Laundry Point to provide laundry services to students who are self-isolating. You will need to book and pay for your laundry on our online store:

The cost of the service is being subsidised by the university, and will cost just £4.70 – the same price as a wash and dry in our on-site launderettes. There are 2 collection days, Monday and Thursday - washing collected on Monday will be returned to you on Thursday, and washing collected on Thursday will be returned on Monday.

Once you’ve booked and paid, the procedure is as follows:

·         A soluble red bag will be delivered to your flat the evening before your collection date, please fill the bag with your own clothes only.

·         Place your filled red bag outside your main flat entrance door (not flat corridor) by 9am on the day of collection.

·         Our team will collect the red bags and deliver them to Laundry Point.

·         Clothes will be washed, dried and folded, then returned to your flat on the next collection day.

Laundry Point operates a no-load sharing policy, so please do not share a bag with anyone else, please also ensure that the bag is not over-filled and can be tied at the top.

Duvets and pillows can’t be washed, however bed linen (duvet covers, pillowcases, bedsheets) can be accepted. 


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