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Introducing the Village Store Basic Food pack

You told us what you wanted, so here it is, the Basic Food pack, containing a range of staple ingredients for meals throughout the day. Our food packs are available to order from the Village Store, which is great, but even better is that they've been price matched to Tesco!

They're perfect for if you are self-isolating as we'll deliver them to your door, at no extra cost. You can order from The Village Store here. Get your essentials or choose from a selection of boxes with recipes and all the ingredients to rustle up some delicious dishes.

Don't fancy the pre-packed choices? Just give the store a call on 0114 222 0276 and let them know what you want, they'll get your order ready for you and send you a link to process payment.

If you're not sure about any of this, feel free to get in touch at

If you are self-isolating you can order packs of food from the Village Store that will come with recipes for you to get stuck into whilst self-isolating. 

These can be ordered by completing the following steps: 

  1. Click on the link
  2. You will be asked to input information regarding your date preference, dietary needs, address and contact details
  3. You can select 1 or more of the packs available as per the options described below
  4. Payment will be taken via card 
  5. You will receive an email confirmation regarding your order
  6. The Village Store will deliver your order to your residence

 A normal order will take up to 24 hours to process and deliver but if you would like this to arrive sooner, please contact:  

We are now able to deliver our recipe/essentials packs to students living in private accommodation within a 2 mile radius, this includes the following postcodes - S10, S11, S1, S2, S3. If you live outside of this area and would like to order a pack for delivery please contact us directly.

You can order a food and/or toiletries package, which includes the following:

Basic Food Pack £16.70
  • Pasta Sauce 500g
  • Stir In Pasta Sauce 190g
  • Dried Pasta 500g
  • Tinned Soup x 2 400g
  • Ko Lee Noodles 5pk
  • Bread 800g
  • Milk 1lt
  • Beans x2 400g
  • Porridge Oats 500g
  • Bananas (5)
  • Eggs 1/2 dozen
  • Orange cordial 750ml
  • Frozen Rice & Veg fusion (2 portions)  
  • Frozen Mixed Veg 340g
  • Frozen Cheese & Tomato Pizza 253g
Food Essentials £31.75
  • Butter 250g
  • Milk 1lt
  • Eggs x6
  • Satsumas x6
  • Bananas x5
  • Apples x4
  • Baking potatoes x4
  • Salad tomatoes x6
  • Bag of salad leaves 180g
  • Onions x3
  • Cheddar cheese 240g
  • Sliced white loaf 800g
  • Tofu 396g (v) or chicken fillets x2
  • Pasta 500g
  • Long grain rice 500g
  • Orange juice 1lt
  • Pasta sauce tomato 550g
  • Tea bags x80
  • Instant coffee 100g
  • Baked beans 2x400g
  • Cereal variety 8 pack
  • Tinned soup 400g tomato (v) or chicken
  • Instant noodles 5x70g curry (v) or chicken flavour
  • Vegetable oil 1lt
  • Green pesto 190g
selection of food items from village store
Household/Toiletry Essentials £17.50
  • Shampoo 350ml
  • Conditioner 350ml
  • Handwash 250ml
  • Shower gel 250ml
  • Toilet roll x4
  • Kitchen roll x2
  • Washing up liquid 450ml
  • All purpose cloths x10
  • Antibacterial cleaning spray 500ml
  • Handwash laundry powder 960g
  • Box of tissues 3ply 72s
essential toiletries
Treats - something to cheer you up! £8
  • Crisps 65g x2
  • Nutella chocolate spread 200g
  • Haribo 175g
  • Popcorn 76g
  • Oreos 154g
  • Chocolate 95g
a selection of sweets, biscuits and crisps
Cleaning pack £6.50



Antibacterial spray

Washing up liquid

All purpose cleaning spray

What is included in the recipe packs? 

There's two recipe packs to choose from. Each contains all the ingredients you need to make four dishes based on the recipes below. You'll also have plenty of surplus ingredients leftover to make more meals.

Recipe pack 1 - £40

Recipe pack 1 contents:
  • Noodle pots 90g x4
  • Long grain rice 500g
  • Oriental cooking sauce 120g x3
  • Egg noodles 250g x2
  • Roast chicken Quorn slices 140g (v) or cooked chicken pieces 90g x2
  • Chilli oil 250ml
  • Butter 250g
  • Soy sauce 150ml
  • Frozen peas 400g
  • Carrots 500g
  • Onion x3
  • Shallots 300g
  • Green beans 170g
  • Iceberg lettuce x1
  • Garlic puree 90g
  • Sping onions 125g
  • Mushrooms 150g
  • Tofu 396g
  • Frozen Quorn mince 300g (v) or beef mince 500g
beef noodle soup

Recipe pack 2 - £36

Recipe pack 2 contents:
  • Pasta 500g x2
  • Microwave rice 250g x2
  • Cheese and tomato pizza (frozen)  300g
  • Pasta sauce 500g x3
  • Curry sauce 500g x1
  • Frozen Quorn mince 300g (v) or beef mince 500g
  • Butter 250g
  • Vegetable oil 1lt
  • Salt 750g
  • Ground pepper 25g
  • Tuna in oil 160g x2
  • Sweetcorn 198g x2
  • Frozen peas 400g
  • Butternut squash x1
  • Onion x3
  • Spinach 100g
  • Eggs - medium x6
  • Cheddar cheese 240g
Tuna pasta bake

Don't fancy the pre packed choices? Just give the store a call on 0114 222 0276 or email on and let them know what you want, they'll get your order ready for you and send you a link to process payment.


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