ReFood Project

Put your food waste to good use

What is the ReFood Project?

The University and the Students' Union's Sheffield on a Plate food sustainability project has recently won funding from the NUS Students' Green Fund (awarded by HEFCE) to help us to recycle food and drink waste through the ReFood scheme. 

The waste will be collected through the University’s waste contractor, Premier Waste, and will be processed through Re-Food.

Where will my food waste go?

Your food and drink waste will be sent to ReFood for anaerobic digestion by Premier Waste Recycling Ltd. It will be used by ReFood in Doncaster to produce fertiliser and electricity! Visit Sheffield on a Plate and ReFood for more information.

Why should I get involved?

As you may already know, our general waste currently gets recycled and reused. However, we believe that we're not fulfilling our potential and we can do better.

Currently, our general waste is recycled to produce kiln fuel which is used in the cement process, so although it's reused, it would be much more sustainable and environmentally friendly to process what we can through anaerobic digestion.

How do I sign up?

If you are living in a new build apartment at the Ranmoor/Endcliffe residences, then it is more than likely that you already have a ReFood caddy in your kitchen. If you don't have one and you want to join the scheme, just email us at to opt into the ReFood project.

You will be provided with a table-top compost caddy, which you will then be responsible for until your residence contract ends. Just remember, once you have a composting caddy then you are responsible for it and we'll need it back in good condition (clean and useable) at the end of your contract.

What do I do with my caddy once it's full?

We have a number of ReFood bins located around the residences. Just download the Ranmoor/Endcliffe ReFood Bin Sites Map or the City ReFood Bin Sites Map to find your nearest one. There'll be a ReFood poster at each bin location, so you can't miss them.

Remember: if you put it in a general waste (grey lid) or mixed recycling (aqua lid) bin it won't be recycled by ReFood, so make sure you get the right one.


  • Include food waste e.g. meat, beans, yoghurt, chips, pizza and pasta
  • Include food waste in packaging
  • Include fruit and vegetables, including scraps
  • Clean me each time you empty me
  • Check the list above before putting something in me
  • Tell your friends about me
  • Clean me and leave me in the kitchen when you vacate


  • Include empty food packaging
  • Include drinks
  • Include glass
  • Include cleaning products
  • Let me overflow – I’ll smell
  • Put liquids in me – I may leak

If you have any questions, you can call the ReFood Customer Helpline on 0800 011 3214 or visit