ACSE Student email distribution Lists

These mailing lists are used to send official Departmental communications to students enrolled on our courses. These lists must only be used for this purpose. The lists are:

List coverage List Address
All ACSE students (Undergraduates, MSc and research sudents)
All ACSE undergraduates
All ACSE Foundation year
All ACSE First year
All ACSE Second year
All ACSE Third year (MEng and BEng)
Third year BEng
Third year MEng
All ACSE Fourth Year
All ACSE MSc course students
   MSc Adv Control & Systems Eng
   MSc Adv Control & Systems Eng - with Industry
   MSc Robotics
   MSc Autonomous & Intelligent Systems
All ACSE Research students

If you are a registered ACSE student, but don't think you're receiving mail sent to the list that is appropriate to you, please contact acse reception with full details.

Miscellaneous Addresses

Purpose Address
The address to contact Reception
For student support issues