Autonomous & Intelligent Systems Modules


Autumn semester

ACS6317: State-Space Control Design 10 credits
ACS6318: System Identification and Estimation 10 credits
ACS6332: Agent-based modelling and multi-agent systems 10 credits
ACS6408: Optimisation: Theory, algorithms and applications 15 credits
ACS6427: Data Modelling and Machine Intelligence 15 credits

Spring semester

Core Modules
ACS6106: Cybersecurity of Control Systems 15 credits
ACS6123: Intelligent and Vision Systems 15 credits
ACS6200: Control Systems Project and Dissertation 60 credits
Optional Modules (30 credits from the following):
Either ACS6121: Robotics and Autonomous Systems or ACS6124: Multisensor and Decision Systems 15 credits
Either ACS6116 Advanced Industrial Control or ACS6402 Industrial training programme (ITP) in Advanced Manufacturing 15 credits
* students should be aware that option choices may be restricted by timetabling constraints and by the pre-requsities required by individual modules.