Course Aims and Objectives


The aims of the MSc course in Advanced Control and Systems Engineering are to:

  1. provide access to a graduate Engineering degree course for all students with a suitable level of academic ability;
  2. provide a degree course approved by the EPSRC and with a level of internal choice, to cover a diversity of student aspirations;
  3. ensure that teaching is underpinned and inspired by the research attainment and scholarship of the staff;
  4. promote in students a desire for continuing self-improvement and development of interpersonal and transferable skills;
  5. use a diversity of appropriate assessment methods to test the students' competencies and skills;
  6. prepare students for a professional career in the field of Engineering;
  7. upgrade the knowledge and skills of graduates appropriately beyond first degree level;
  8. enable graduates with experience of work to update their engineering proficiency;
  9. enable graduates qualified in other engineering or scientific disciplines to convert to this discipline.


The objectives are that, upon completion, the students will have developed:

  1. the ability to gather, organise and critically evaluate information needed to formulate and solve problems;
  2. the ability to apply acquired knowledge effectively and efficiently to all work in the relevant areas of Engineering;
  3. skills in qualitative and quantitative oral and written communications designed to present essential scientific and technical concepts;
  4. abilities in observation, measurement and the design and conduct of experiments through practical experience in the laboratory;
  5. the ability to display initiative and innovation, demonstrated in a major item of individual work;
  6. the ability to work collaboratively with others through the development of team skills;
  7. the ability to apply advanced techniques to problems at the frontiers of knowledge;
  8. a range of professional and management skills;
  9. a deep knowledge and advanced understanding in specialist areas;
  10. an awareness of research methodology.