MSc Advanced Control & Systems Engineering Course Information (including 'with Industry' and 'with Industrial Management' programmes)

RG Welcome to the MSc in Advanced Control and Systems Engineering in the Department of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering (ACSE) at the University of Sheffield.

We have put together in these webpages important information you will need during your time here. You should read through this information and also look at the general university webpages and at Blackboard (MOLE) for further information. In particular you can find information on:

- The MSc course and its content.
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You will be allocated a personal tutor that you will meet regularly throughout your time here. Your personal tutor will act as a professional mentor to guide, help and support you throughout your MSc. They should be your first point of contact for non-academic issues and will provide general guidance, support and advice on where to find more specialist support if needed. It is very important that you engage with your personal tutor and meet them regularly. The administrative staff in the Amy Johnson Building reception will also be able to help with many queries.  You can also email

Dr Roderich Gross
PGT Programme Director


Control and Systems Engineering is an all encompassing discipline which can be utilised in almost every industry from aerospace and transport to energy and the environment; from life sciences and healthcare to manufacturing and robotics. It is at the very heart of modern society and demand for control and systems engineers is increasingas more systems become digitalised.

This course is structured to support students as they gain a comprehensive introduction to systems and control engineering. There is a focus on the generality of these concepts ensuring that you will be equally prepared for careers in a variety of disciplines that rely on control and systems engineering. 

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