Plagiarism and Collusion

All assignment work that is submitted for assessment must be entirely your own work (except if a group report is specifically requested). It is not permissible in any circumstances to copy the work of another student, either in whole or in part. Whilst discussion of your work with other students is both allowable and to be encouraged as a valuable part of the learning process, the report that you write must be written entirely by yourself and expressed in your own words. It is definitely not permissible for a group of two or more students to collude together in a joint report and then submit this individually as separate copies of such a common report, unless group work is specifically directed and a group report is specifically invited.

Copying of other people's work, words or ideas and passing them off as your own is a serious offence. Any such offence will be submitted to the University Disciplinary Procedures, and the very least penalty that could be expected is that the student(s) concerned would fail the module that the assessed coursework was part of.

The following guidelines, drawn up originally by the University of Bradford, explain how to avoid plagiarism:

  • Passages copied verbatim from the work of another must be enclosed in quotation marks. A full reference to the original source must be provided. The substitution of a few words in an otherwise verbatim passage will not obviate the need to use quotation marks and to provide a full reference.
  • Ideas and data, which are your own or are truly in the public domain, may be included without attribution, but should be expressed in your own words.
  • You must always give due acknowledgement to the sources of ideas or data which are not yours and are not truly in the public domain (for example, because they are novel, controversial or not widely held).
  • You must take care to distinguish between your own ideas or work and those of others. Any ambiguity in such a distinction could give rise to a suspicion of plagiarism.
  • Where your work is the result of collaborative research, you must take care to acknowledge the source of data, analysis or procedures which are not your own.”

A proportion of all assignments will be subject to audit by the year tutor. ALL assignments submitted late will be audited. As part of the audit procedure the year tutor may interview students and ask questions about the work.

Further information and advice about plagiarism and collusion is available for download.

More information is also available from the Student Services website:

Plagiarism, Collusion and the Use of Unfair Means in Assessment