Regulations for Award of MSc

To be awarded the MSc you must obtain 180 credits, that is, you must achieve a pass standard (grade 50) in all elements of the course. The meaning of grades is expressed on the 100-point scale. The examiners may recommend an award of a distinction to candidates of exceptional merit.

The University regulations permit the examiners to recommend the award of MSc to a candidate who has obtained 165 credits providing that the candidate has achieved a weighted mean grade point of 50 or greater and no grade less than 40 for any module. There are provisions for the award of a Diploma to a student who obtains 105 credits and a Certificate for a student who obtains 60 credits.

Students who need to resit failed modules, please visit Exam Resits. The assessment for each module may be based on a mixture of formal written examination, individual coursework and group-based coursework. The projects are assessed independently by the supervisor and by a second reader. If the grades returned differ significantly then they are asked to meet to review their grades. If they cannot reach an agreed grade then the project is referred to a moderator.

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General Regulations should not be read in isolation. Further information on some of the issues included in the General Regulations, including certain procedures which apply to particular faculties may be found in the Faculty Examination Conventions. These can be found via the web by clicking on 'University Administration Information' then 'Examinations' from the SSID homepage.