Submission and Return of Assessed Coursework, Assignments and Project Reports

  1. Course work is usually handed into the letterbox attached to the Departmental Reception in the Amy Johnson building although sometimes students may be asked to hand in work via Blackboard (MOLE). Your module leader should inform you of the method of submission.
  2. Attached to all hard copy coursework will be a coversheet which students print off themselves. Instructions on how to print off this coversheet are available at:!/file/How-to-produce-your-assignment-barcode-cover-sheet.pdf

    and will also be circulated by the Department prior to the deadline for coursework submission.
  3. You will receive email confirmation from the Department that your work has been received and booked in. You should keep this receipt in case there should be a dispute about whether you have submitted work or not
  4. If you are unable to submit work by the deadline specified, students must always discuss the matter with the lecturer concerned. Staff will try to be as sympathetic as possible towards real problems, such as medical problems, personal or medical problems arising from disabilty or specific learning difficulties or extreme personal and family problems a force majeure and in the case of part time students only, work related problems. Application for late submission should be made in advance of normal submisison dates. After discussion with the lecturer concerned applications for a special dispensation should be made in writing and accompanied by medical evidence or other documentation. This should be handed to the member of support staff for MSc programmes.
  5. Work that is late (without medical or other similar documented evidence unless agreed with the lecturer setting the work) will suffer a penalty for late submission. Submission times will usually be at 4pm although it is the right of the module leader to amend the deadline.
  6. More details about the penalties for assignments is given in the section below.
  7. There are special rules about late submission of Dissertations (i.e. project reports). See the section below for further details.
  8. Work submitted by the deadline will normally be returned to you within two weeks, via Reception. You will be notified when marked work is available for collection. You should retain all assessed work in a portfolio.
  9. When you print off your coversheet you are signing a declaration that the work you are handing in is your own work. It will be checked for plagiarism and collusion. (See the Quick Link for more details and help regarding plagiarism and collusion).

Penaties relating to coursework Assignments

Unless otherwise indicated on the assignment coversheet, late submission will result in a deduction of 5% of the total mark awarded for each working day after the submission date.

Assignments must be submitted by 4pm on the deadline date.

Students are reminded that all marks are provisional until approved by the Examination Board.