ACSE Modules List 2018-2019

ACS130 Introduction to Systems Engineering & Software

ACS131 Systems Engineering Mathematics

ACS132 Modelling, Analysis & Control

ACS1321 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Control

ACS133 Physical Systems

ACS134 Digital & Embedded Systems

ACS219 Process Control

ACS230 Control Systems Design and Analysis

ACS231 Mechatronics

ACS232 Signals, Systems and Communications

ACS233 Systems Engineering and Object Oriented Programming

ACS234 Mathematics and Data Modelling

ACS317 State Space Control Design

ACS318 System Identification

ACS321 Digital Signal Processing

ACS322 Individual Project

ACS323 Intelligent Systems

ACS327 Space Systems Engineering

ACS329 Robotics

ACS330 Group Project

ACS332 Agent-based modelling and multi-agent systems

ACS334 Process Dynamics and Control

ACS335 Real-Time Embedded Systems

ACS336 Hardware-in-the-Loop & Rapid Control Prototyping

ACS337 Robotic Systems

ACS340 Biomechatronics

ACS342 Feedback Systems Design

ACS395 Year in Industry

ACS402 Industrial training programme (ITP) in Avionics

ACS495 Year in Industry

ACS6101 Foundations of Control Systems

ACS6102 State-Space, Non-Linear and Optimal Control

ACS6103 Signal Processing and Estimation

ACS6106 Cybersecurity for Control Systems

ACS6107 Control Research Project

ACS6110 Embedded Systems and Rapid Control Prototyping

ACS6116 Advanced Industrial Control

ACS6121 Robotics and Autonomous Systems

ACS6123 Intelligent & Vision Systems

ACS6124 Multisensor & Decision Systems

ACS6126 Advanced Space Systems and Space Weather

ACS6200 Control Systems Project and Dissertation

ACS6300 Robotics Project and Dissertation

ACS6317 State-Space Control Design

ACS6318 System Identification and Estimation

ACS6329 Robotics

ACS6332 Agent-based modelling and multi-agent systems

ACS6335 Real-Time Embedded Systems

ACS6336 Hardware-in-the-Loop & Rapid Control Prototyping

ACS6340 Biomechatronics

ACS6342 Feedback Systems Design

ACS6402 Industrial training programme (ITP) in Advanced Manufacturing

ACS6408 Optimisation: Theory and Algorithms

ACS6411 Flight Dynamics and Control

ACS6420 Advanced Project

ACS6427 Data Modelling and Machine Intelligence

AER324 Aircraft Dynamics and Control