Departmental support for student-led projects

The Department wishes to support a variety of high quality student-led projects/competitions, providing a world class educational experience beyond the curriculum.

There are, of course, limits on how many can be supported at the highest standards required because, just as in any engineering company, there are constraints on things like the availability of space, access to workshops, and staff time etc. Each supported activity is expected to demonstrate how it will benefit the students involved in it and also how it will benefit the Department. The benefits to the Department are likely to include, at least:

  • help with activities such as recruitment on University Open Days and UCAS days
  • creation of marketing/promotional material,
  • Outreach activities (meeting with local school children to explain the work you do)
  • and more.

To apply for support for your project please download the document linked in the sidebar and follow the instructions, before returning it to

Please note, the deadline for submission is 8 November 2019.