ACSE Personal Tutorials

Information for Students and Staff

The main purpose of personal tutorials in ACSE is to provide a first point of contact for each student.

Personal tutors are expected to:

  • Provide pastoral support
  • Act as an academic and professional mentor
  • Advise their tutees on academic and professional skills
  • Encourage tutees to engage with their Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)
  • Be aware of any problems that their personal tutees have, and the impact that these problems have on their academic progress
  • Support learning in academic modules
  • Provide references for their tutees when requested

Personal tutors are not expected to give specific help with academic modules: the module leader should be the source of such help. The personal tutor is the first point of contact for non-module problems. If the personal tutor is not able to help, the problem may be referred to the Student Support Officer, then if necessary to the Director of Learning and Teaching, and finally to the Head of Department. Sometimes students need personal support that personal tutors do not feel qualified to offer. In this case, personal tutors will point students to the appropriate support service in the University. See the links on the right for information about support services.  

Attendance at personal tutorials is compulsory and will be monitored by the personal tutor. If a student misses a personal tutorial, the student should tell his/her personal tutor the reason. If a student misses two consecutive personal tutorials without a good reason, the personal tutor should inform the year tutor. 

Personal tutors see their first year undergraduate personal tutees frequently to build a relationiship with them and to identify any transition problems in time to address these. After the first year, personal tutorials become less frequent. In the final undergraduate year, the individual project supervisor will act as the personal tutor. Also, for MSc students, until the individual project starts the student will have a personal tutor, and when the individual project starts, the individual project supervisor will act as the personal tutor.

If a student feels that a personal tutor is not providing the support described in these webpages, the student should contact the ACSE Learning and Teaching Manager (email for advice.