Before your placement

How to find a placement

If you are not on a course already with year in industry and decide this could be something for you don't worry, you can add this to your course as long as a change of status form is submitted.

You can search for placement vacancies by signing in to Career Connect, a system administered by the Careers Service to bring you the latest opportunities in industry. 

Check the help you can get from the Faculty of Engineering's Year in Industry team.

When you've secured a placement

Once you have found a placement you need to notify us by emailing a full job description for the placement to The job description will allow us to check that the placement is suited to your course.

If your placement is approved and you are not already on a course with a year in industry you will need to fill in a change of status form to switch you on to the right course. We'll guide you through this when you let us know you have a placement. 


During your placement

University Registration - Year in Industry
Even though you don't attend classes at the University during your Year in Industry, you still need to complete online registration for the placement year before the end of September. 

You will register for either ACS395 or ACS495 (both 120 credits) depending on which year you undertake your Industry Placement.

Module Choice
In the April/May of your placement year you will receive an email from the central University team when the module choice system opens, asking you to select your modules for your returning year. You can still change your mind during the usual add/drop period at the start of the semester, but you won't be able to register for your returning year without a full set of 120 credits. 

Final Year Project
If you will be returning to the University in the final year of your studies, the department will contact you in May of your placement year with details of the project choices on offer for your final year. You must make your choice by the deadline given, to ensure that you are allocated a project upon your return. 

If you would like to undertake a project that is linked to your year in industry placement and which is supported by your placement provider, you should contact the module leader and the Employability, Placements and Alumni Officer to discuss this further. Please note: all industry projects need to be submitted, agreed and potential supervisors identified before the submission date of project choices (usually in May). 

Registration for Final/Returning Year
You will need to register for your returning year during your Year in Industry. You can do this from late July onwards. 

Maintaining Your Student Record
Finally, remember that you have a responsibility to ensure that the personal details on your student record, e.g. postal addresses, are correct. Instructions on how to update your student record can be found here