Union Representatives: 'Union Links'

'Union Links' are students who are employed by the Union for a year and paid to communicate issues between the University and the Union.

The system of Union Links was established in 2001 in order to:

  • Improve communication between the Union and students in departments
  • Raise awareness amongst students about Union issues and campaigns
  • Develop a knowledge of students issues of concern within the Department
  • Act as a first point of contact for students who dont know where to turn with a problem

Why would I use my Union Link?

If you've got a problem and dont know where to turn, Union Links will direct you to the right help. If you're unsure how to contact your Union Link, please send an e-mail to unionlinks@sheffield.ac.uk. They can bring your concerns as a student to the attention of the Sabbatical Officers so the Union can effectively represent you if necessary.

Also contact your Union Link if you want to be updated with Union campaigns or events.

email : unionlinks@sheffield.ac.uk