Professor Sandor M. Veres

Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Director of the Autonomous Systems and Robotics Research Group

Sandor Veres
+44 114 222 5652

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Professor Sandor M. Veres
Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering
Amy Johnson Building
Portobello Street
S1 3JD
Research interests

Optimal decision making in autonomous systems, mobile robotics, agent supervised feedback control systems, architectures and programming of reasoning based intelligent agents, formation flying control of robotic vehicles, formal modelling and verification of systems by model checking, fault tolerant control systems, automated processes of data based modelling, robust adaptive control, controller tuning and system identification, satellite dynamics and control, active control of sound and vibration control.

Formerly creator and coordinator of the Southampton based Centre for Complex Autonomous Systems Engineering.



  • Rohou S, Jaulin L, Mihaylova L, Le Bars F & Veres S (2019) Reliable Robor Localization. Great Britain: ISTE and John Wiley and Sons, Inc.. View this article in WRRO RIS download Bibtex download

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Key: (P)=Principal Investigator, (C)=Co-Investigator 

No. Title EPSRC Contribution
EP/L024942/1 Verifiable Autonomy (P) 1.41m (joint project with Liverpool and Bristol)
EP/J011843/2 Reconfigurable Autonomy (P Sheffield) 1.31m (Liverpool-Surrey joint project)
EP/J011894/2 Distributed Sensing, Control and Decision Making in Multiagent autonomous Systems (P) 1.23m (joint project with Southampton)
EP/F037570/1 Engineering Autonomous Space Software (P) 421k
EP/E02677X/1 Methods of Reliability Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (P) 307k
EP/C517458/1 Equipment For Satellite Formation Flying Control System Verification (P) 80k
GR/S25081/01 Constrained Control Methods for Autonomous Formation Flying Systems (P) 158k
GR/N32297/01 Robust Frequency Selective Adaptive Control of Enclosure Vibration (P) 179k
GR/J10846/01 Robust Adaptive Control by Parameter Bounding Techniques (P) 53k
GR/H77200/01 Performance Analysis and Algrorithm Development for Parameter and State Bounding (C) 100k