IEEE Colloquium/workshop on Control Education 2008

Wed 19th March at the University of Sheffield
Sir Henry Stephenson Building, Room LT1


The main aim of this session is to facilitate sharing and discussion around the theme of undergraduate control teaching. Specifically, given it is expensive in time and money to create quality teaching resources, we would like to optimise subsequent usage by creating an environment where colleagues can demonstrate and share high quality teaching resources which they have found useful with undergraduates. There will be an understanding that resources are shared free of charge for distribution to students (unedited and fully attributed of course).

A second aim would be to highlight areas where there is a clear demand and we could usefully work together to develop high quality resources.

We would also be interested in any industrial involvement and comment on how control teaching can best serve industrial needs.


One purpose of the session would be for attendees to demonstrate and discuss a teaching resource they are happy to share with colleagues and most critically provide an efficient and simple means of sharing this resource. If you would like to contribute, please contact Anthony by email with a brief paragraph summary of the contribution you would like to make and whether you envisage this best delivered in a lecture room, a PC lab or in a discussion session. Obvious examples of resources that may be of interest are MATLAB teaching files, short videos or animations, stand-alone computer quizzes, tutorial sheets and case studies. However, there are no restrictions and even some anecdotes or advice on lecturing a given topic could be useful.

Secondly, we would aim to have some workshop style sessions where delegates discuss the needs (or opportunities) within their own institutions and share ideas for tackling those needs.


  • A session running along similar lines is being proposed for the IFAC world congress in Seoul (call for contributions around January) and potentially also for ICC in Manchester (Sept. 2008). This colloquium would be an opportunity for the UK community to meet up and discuss how to make the most of those opportunities.
  • The Engineering Subject Centre of the Higher Education Academy is funding a special interest group in control education ( and this would also be an opportune time to discuss how to make such groups sustainable and whether there are specific projects we want to tackle together.

Draft Programme

A draft programme for this IEEE Colloquium/workshop on Control Education and sharing education resources (also supported by HEA Engineering subject centre Special interest group in control education) is now available:

Draft Programme

Travel Directions

Maps and Travel advice is available from the University's information for visitors web page.
Note: The Sir Henry Stephenson Building is on Mappin Street and is the building numbered 176 on the campus map.

Maps and Travel advice

Contact details and costs

Please contact Anthony both to confirm attendance and to discuss possible contributions. Depending on numbers, we will aim to cover delegates costs, including contributions to travel, using the SIG money.

Web page: Anthony Rossiter
Phone: (0114 2225685)