Colloquium on Optimisation for Control 2006

When: Monday April 24th 2006.
Where: University of Sheffield.
Funding: With the support of the IEEE UK Control Systems Chapter.
Plenary Speaker: Marco Campi, (IEEE Distinguished lecturer)
Confirmed Speakers: Da Wei Gui, Peter Fleming, Richard Vinter, Victor Becerra

Following last years event, the committee agreed to keep a focus on PhD students, to share current thinking in a highly palatable fashion, rather than going into too much detail of new results.
The talks were presented by leading researchers within the UK to give an insight into their particular niche of optimisation within control.

Programme and Abstracts: Details of the programme and abstracts are available for download opposite.

Presentations: The following presentations were given on the day. Full versions of some of these are available for download opposite.

  • Plenary: 'The Scenario Approach to Robust Control', Marco Campi.
  • Semi Plenary 1: 'Optimal UAV Flight Paths Selection', Da-Wei Gu.
  • Semi Plenary 2: 'Global optimisation and search space pruning in spacecraft trajectory design', Victor M. Becerra.
  • Presentation 1: 'Modified Crossover Operator Approach for Evolutionary Optimization', Amr Madkour.
  • Presentation 2: 'Real-time Engineering Flight Simulator', David Allerton.
  • Semi Plenary 3: 'Sensitivity Analysis and Optimal Control', Richard Vinter.
  • Presentation 3: 'Optimisation Methods for Robustness Analysis: Aerospace and Biological Applications', Declan Bates.
  • Semi Plenary 4: 'Evolving Control Systems Engineering Design Solutions', Peter Fleming.
  • Presentation 4: 'Multi-objective Controller Design: Evolutionary Algorithms and Bilinear Matrix Inequalities for a Passive Suspension', A. Molina-Cristóbal, C. Papageorgiou, G. T. Parks, M. C. Smith, P. J. Clarkson.
  • Presentation 5: 'Dynamic Optimisation and Automatic Differentiation', Yi Cao.
  • Presentation 6: 'Analysis Work Carried Out On Control Systems When A Negative Acceleration Feedback Term Is Applied, And How The Analysis Conflicts With Existing s-Plane “Standard Form” Theory', Fred Garner.
  • Presentation 7: 'Optimal hardware and control system design for aero and auto applications', Paul Stewart.

Contact details: If you have any enquires:

Anthony Rossiter (0114 2225685)

email :

James Whidborne (01234 750111 ext 5060 or 07903 989305)