Colloquium on Predictive Control

When: Monday April 4th 2005.
Where: University of Sheffield in the Sir Henry Stephenson Building.
Funding: With the support of the IEEE UK Control Systems Chapter.
Plenary Speaker: Bob Bitmead
Organisers: James Whidborne and Anthony Rossiter

James and I thought that there would be more interest in a day that focused mainly at Ph.D students. Some knowledge of MPC was assumed.

We solicited talks from leading researchers within the UK who could give insight into their particular niche of predictive control to give a good overview of the field.

Programme and Abstracts: Details of the programme and abstracts are available for download opposite.

Presentations: Full versions of the following presentations given on the day are also available for download.

  • Plenary: 'Available Bit Rate Teletraffic Control using Model Predictive Control', Bob Bitmead.
  • Presentation 1: 'Robust predictive control, Optimization over state feedback policies', Eric Kerrigan, Paul Goulart and Jan Maciejowski.
  • Presentation 2a: 'Robust Model Predictive Control', David Mayne, Maria Seron and Sasa Rakovic.
  • Presentation 2b: 'Optimized Robust Control Invariance and its Applications in Robust Model Predictive Control', Sasa Rakovic, D. Q. Mayne, R. B. Vinter, E. C. Kerrigan & K. I. Kouramas
  • Presentation 4: 'Explicit Non-linear Optimal Control Law for Continuous Time Systems via Parametric Programming', Vassilis Sakizlis, Vivek Dua, Stratos Pistikopoulos.
  • Presentation 5: 'Feasibility, uncertainty and interpolation', Anthony Rossiter.
  • Presentation 6: 'IQC analysis of linear constrained MPC', W.P. Heath, G. Li, A.G. Wills, B. Lennox.
  • Presentation 7: 'Nonlinear Model Predictive Control using Automatic Differentiation', Yi Cao.
  • Presentation 8a: 'New developments in predictive control for nonlinear systems', Mike Grimble, A. Ordys, A. Dutka, P. Majecki.
  • Presentation 8b: 'A Framework for Distributed Model Predictive Control', Leonardo Giovanni.

Contact details: If you have any enquires:

Anthony Rossiter (0114 2225685)

email :

James Whidborne (01234 750111 ext 5060 or 07903 989305)