Colloquium on Control in Systems Biology 2007

When: Monday 26 March 2007.
Where: University of Sheffield.
Funding: With the support of the IEEE UK&RI Control Systems Chapter.
Plenary Speaker: Glenn Vinnicombe, (University of Cambridge), 'Fundamental Limitations of Noise Reduction in the Cell'
Confirmed Speakers: Antonis Papachristodoulou (Oxford), Mustafa Khammash (University of California, Santa Barbara)


The talks were presented by leading researchers within the UK who can give insight into their particular niche of systems theory and control in systems biology and provide a good overview of the field with coverage of biological networks at different levels such as genetic regulatory, signalling, proteomic, metabolic and cellular levels of organisation, as well as analysis spanning more than one subsystem and their representation as biological circuits (synthetic biology).
As in last years event, the committee agreed to keep a focus on PhD students, to share current thinking in a highly palatable fashion, rather than going into too much detail of new results.

Programme and Abstracts: Details of the programme and abstracts are available for download opposite.

Presentations: The following presentations were given on the day. Full versions of some of these are available for download opposite.

  • Plenary: Glenn Vinnicombe, ‘Fundamental limitations on noise reduction in the cell’
  • Presentation 1: Mustafa Khammash, ‘Noise in Gene Regulatory Networks: Biological Role and Mathematical Analysis’
  • Presentation 2: Antonis Papachristodoulou, ‘Methods and Algorithms for Biological Networks Analysis’
  • Presentation 3: Declan Bates, ‘Feedback Control Mechanisms in the Tryptophan Operon: Modelling, Analysis and Design’
  • Presentation 4: Visakan Kadirkamanathan, ‘Metabolic Network Analysis: Flux Estimation from Noisy and Missing Data’
  • Presentation 5: Hong Yue, ‘Sensitivity Analysis and Experimental Design of a Stiff Signal Transduction Pathway’
  • Presentation 6: Aidan O’Dwyer, ‘Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Control Engineering – Some Synthesis Issues’

Contact details: If you have any enquires:

Visakan Kadirkamanathan (0114 2225685)

email :

Anthony Rossiter (0114 2225685)

email :

James Whidborne (01234 750111 ext 5060 or 07903 989305)