Course Structure and Modules

All students will take the following modules:

Autumn semester
ACS329 Robotics 10 credits
ACS6340 Biomechatronics 10 credits
Spring semester
ACS6334 Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles 10 credits
ACS6336 Hardware-in-the-Loop and Rapid Control Prototyping 10 credits
ACS6300 Robotics Project and Dissertation  60 credits

Students will select optional modules up to the value of 80 credits:

Optional Modules
ACS317 State Space Control Design 10 credits
ACS6335 Real-Time Embedded Systems 10 credits
ACS6342 Feedback Systems Design 10 credits
ACS6123 Intelligent and Vision Systems 15 credits
ACS6124 Multisensor and Decision Systems 15 credits
COM6502 Speech Processing 15 credits
COM3240 Adaptive Intelligence 10 credits
COM6009 Modelling and Simulation of Natural Systems 15 credits
COM6509 Machine Learning and Adaptive Intelligence 15 credits
COM6511 Speech Technology 15 credits
COM6521 Parallel Computing with Graphical Processing Units 15 credits
EEE6202 Energy Storage Management 15 credits
EEE6203 Motion Control and Servo Drives 15 credits
PSY6307 Computational Neuroscience I 15 credits
PSY6308 Computational Neuroscience II 15 credits