Engineering does what Maths and Science thinks!

Have you got a background in Maths or Science but are dreaming about a future in Engineering? Then our MSc in Control and Systems Engineering could be for you.

We recognise students with degrees in Maths, Physics (or other relevant science subjects) as having the transferable skills required to become a successful engineer in the area of control and systems engineering.

Our MSc is designed to ensure a gradual introduction to the subject of control and systems engineering, for students who may not come from an engineering background (e.g. students with degrees in Maths, Physics or other relevant Science subjects).

A pre-arrival short online course is available to assist students in this transition, and includes a number of self-evaluation and self-study materials. We have also developed a number of support sessions to help students prepare for the start of the course, which can be accessed during intro week.


Our graduates work in a variety of Engineering fields, such as manufacturing, power generation and sustainable energy, with companies including British Airways, IBM, Rolls-Royce and Unilever. Some go on to work in a wide range of other sectors, such as Science and Commerce.

MSc in Advanced Control and Systems Engineering