19 November 2013

ACSE postgraduate MSc student featured in groundbreaking film

ACSE postgraduate MSc student Angesh Anupam is one of two students who feature in a new film made by award-winning Indian filmmaker Ravi Lekhi and directed by Nicola Carslaw, an experienced BBC journalist, aimed at helping the most talented Indian students better understand the process of applying to the UK’s world-leading universities.

The film, the first of its kind, challenges the perception that it’s difficult for overseas students to gain visas to study in the UK. It follows the two students as they go through the visa application process in India.

The film on YouTube: UK visa application from India. Also available at at www.weareinternational.org.uk

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International students in ACSE

Of course, in ACSE, we welcome talented international students and value the qualities they bring. Dr George Panoutsos,  a lecturer in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering and personal tutor to Angesh Anupam, explains:

“As an internationally leading institution in teaching and research we attract students at a global and truly multi-cultural scale. This helps create a vibrant classroom where as a teacher you come across different educational backgrounds; a fact that, taken into account appropriately, helps the students’ learning and experience as a whole,”

“For example, in engineering one may come across students with very strong mathematical background, or very good practical engineering skills as a result of their previous education. By creating group project-based learning activities one enables the students to work collaboratively, share their skills and knowledge and help promote good practices which all contribute to a more efficient learning environment that students enjoy and thrive on.”

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