20 November 2013

MSc in Control Systems is now eligible for bursaries under the Aerospace MSc Bursary Scheme

We are the only dedicated Control MSc available on the Aerospace MSc Bursary Scheme.

The bursary scheme aims to:

The main purpose of the scheme is to bring into the UK aerospace sector new talent, knowledge and skill. It is designed for people who would not otherwise be able to finance their MSc studies. It also provides MSc funding to upskill certain categories of employee already working in UK aerospace.

Control Systems play an ever-increasing role in aerospace. From the autopilot needed to fly the Airbus A380 safely and efficiently to the flight control systems used to ensure the highly unstable Eurofighter Typhoon can fly, there is a strong need for engineers who can develop these systems.

The Aerospace industry is recruiting heavily in the UK and is seen as a big sector for future expansion, so there are excellent job prospects.

Additional information

For more information and to apply go to the Royal Academy of Engineering website:

Further information about the MSc in Control Systems:
MSc in Control Systems