27 March 2012

Dr Purshouse discusses the UK Government’s plans for a minimum unit price for alcohol

The UK Government published its alcohol strategy on 23 March 2012, to include the introduction of minimum unit pricing for all alcoholic beverages. The policy has been informed significantly by the alcohol pricing research performed by Dr Robin Purshouse and colleagues from the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group.

The Government has given an indicative minimum price of 40p per unit. This falls below the 50p threshold that many health campaigners have called for, but is likely to be effective in starting to reduce the burden of alcohol-related harm to individuals and society.

Dr Purshouse spoke with Channel 4 News' North of England Correspondent Morland Sanders, to explain the likely impacts of choosing either a 40p or 50p minimum – equivalent to either £11.20 or £14 for a standard bottle of spirits.

The full Channel 4 News report