13 December 2011

IET day long seminar on Civilian UAVs

Dr Tony Dodd, Senior Lecturer in the Department, is chairing an IET day long seminar on civilian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  The seminar is bringing together senior academics, industrialists, representatives from UAV groups and the Civil Aviation Authority to discuss issues related to the practical challenges and regulatory implications of UAVs flying in civilian airspace.

Whilst most people are aware of military UAVs from the news, there is increasing interest in using civilian UAVs for a wide range of applications including police surveillance, fire and rescue, environmental monitoring, and farming.  UAVs have the potential to make a significant impact in these areas but are currently restricted due to the practical issues of flying them safely and reliably.

This day of talks will discuss these important issues, highlighting practical solutions, experience of users and views from regulators.  The day will end with a panel discussion on how engineers can improve the public perception of UAVs.  For more information visit the IET website at