7 November 2011

Strengthening our industrial links, supporting the UK manufacturing industry

Dr George Panoutsos has been awarded (via the University of Sheffield) a ‘proof of utility’ grant as part of EPSRC’s delivery plan ‘kickstart’ funding for 2011/2012. The £62k (FEC) grant will be utilised to demonstrate to our industrial partners our expertise in logic-based systems and soft-computing via the development of a full scale prototype related to the modelling and monitoring of critical manufacturing processes.

TWI Ltd. UK (Cambridge, Friction Stir Welding facility) and TATA Steel UK (Scunthorpe, Rod-Mill) will be our main collaborators who will work closely with the group for the development of the prototype. The project entitled ‘Model-based performance evaluation for critical manufacturing processes’ will make use of model-based techniques developed in our group [1] to monitor and evaluate the performance of materials in the manufacturing of critical structural parts and components for the aerospace industry.

Model predicted tool temperature... graph

[1] G. Panoutsos and M. Mahfouf, “Neural-Fuzzy Modelling Framework Based on Granular Computing: Concepts and Applications”, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 161(21), pp.2808-2830, 2010