30 March 2012

Human Frontier Science Program Award

Professors Peter Andrews (BMS) and Daniel Coca (Automatic Control and Systems Engineering) in collaboration with Professor Martin Pera (Stem Cells Australia and University of Melbourne) were recently awarded a prestigious three year Program Grant from the Human Frontier Science Program for the project "Stem Cell Dynamics in Time and Space".

The goal of this multi-disciplinary project is to use control theory to understand the dynamic interactions underpinning the emergence and evolution of heterogeneous populations of human embryonic stem cells, which will provide new insights into the mechanisms that govern stem cell fate choice. The team will study the spatial and temporal dynamics of signalling pathways that regulate cell fate events by combining time-lapse video microscopy and single-cell analysis techniques with mathematical modelling and analysis approaches. The research opens up the possibility of designing robust and reproducible strategies for directing differentiation towards a desired cellular fate.

HFSP collaborative research grants are given for a broad range of projects under the umbrella theme of "Complex mechanisms of living organisms". The project is one of the 25 Program Grants (involving 86 scientists) selected from a total of almost 800 original letters of intent and 96 subsequently invited full applications

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