01 May 2009

ACSE's New Lecturer

We are pleased to welcome Dr Simon Pope as a new lecturer to the department.

Dr Pope has now been with the department since 2000, first as an undergraduate student on the MEng in Mechanical Systems Engineering. He then undertook a PhD in the Space Systems Group studying methods for the detection and correction of magnetic noise in measurements made by magnetic field experiments onboard spacecraft. The results of his work were featured in an article in Nature and led to Dr Pope being made a full co-investigator on the Venus Express mission.

Since his PhD, Dr Pope has been a researcher in the BAE Systems Centre for Research in Active Control (CRAC) that is based in the department. His recent work has uncovered some previously unknown dynamic properties of large machinery rafts that are commonly used in Naval applications.

In his new role as lecturer, Dr Pope will continue to fully support the BAE Systems CRAC research programme. In particular his research activity will focus on next generation machinery vibration isolation control systems and methods for the manipulation of the acoustic properties of solid boundaries. Although targeting problems within the marine systems sector, the research will also be applicable in automotive, rail and aerospace applications.